João Morgado
Born at Cascais, PT in 1985
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Biographical note

João Morgado, born in 1985 in Cascais, is an undeniable name in architectural photography. He completed his master's in architecture at the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE) in 2008 and shortly after, traveled to Maastricht, the Netherlands, where he interned with the esteemed architect Wiel Arets. It was in this setting that João deepened his passion for architectural photography, which would come to profoundly shape his professional journey.

In 2011, he founded "João Morgado - Architectural Photography," thereby solidifying his standing in this market niche. International recognition soon followed. In 2015, he was recognized by New York's Top Teny magazine as one of the ten best architectural photographers globally. Earlier, in 2014, one of his photos of the "Piscina das Marés" in Leça da Palmeira — a project designed by the distinguished architect Álvaro Siza Vieira — won an award from the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography agency in the "Sense of Space" category.

Currently, while working in his home country, his art has also resonated in nations such as Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, the United States, and even Kuwait, affirming his prominent position in the global architectural photography scene.

In 2020, João Morgado took another significant step in his career by co-founding the prestigious international LOOP Design Awards, which has become a benchmark for excellence in design and architecture.

Most Visited Projects

Apartment Renovation in Foz
House in Príncipe Real
House in Comporta
JSJ Apartment
Caminhos de Santiago Hotel
Apartment in Estrela
Building renovation in Porto
Private garden in Comporta
Hillside Chapel
Residencial building in Alcântara
LD House
Boa Nova Church
Santo Tirso Fire Station
Boa Nova Tea House Renovation
Lisbon Stone Block

Selected publications

João Morgado's  work is regularly published in several national and international publications.

Architectural Digest (Spain, Germany, Russia, France), AIT (Germany), Azure (Canada), Betonart (Turkey), Bob Magazine (South Korea), Design Magazine (Portugal), Domus (Italy), Frame (Netherlands), Id+C (China), Modern Decoration (China), Monocle (USA), mur+betong (Norway), On Diseño (Spain), Taschen (USA), Wallpaper (United Kindgom).


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