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House FM
House FM Guimarães, PT - 2015
House FVB
House FVB Guimarães, PT - 2015
Eaglestone Lisbon Office
Eaglestone Lisbon Office Lisbon, PT - 2015
Lone Hotel
Lone Hotel Rovinj, CR - 2014
Boa Nova Tea House Renovation
Boa Nova Tea House Renovation Leça da Palmeira, PT - 2014
ML House
ML House Caxias, PT - 2014
JA House
JA House Guarda, PT - 2014
Salero Dance Club
Salero Dance Club Póvoa de Varzim, PT - 2014
House in Cascais
House in Cascais Cascais, PT - 2014
VORTAL Offices
VORTAL Offices Oporto, PT - 2014
AA House
AA House Guimarães, PT - 2014
PM House
PM House Guimarães, PT - 2014
ES House
ES House Guimarães, PT - 2014
Cultural Center Miguel Torga
Cultural Center Miguel Torga São Martinho de Anta, PT - 2014
DM2 Housing
DM2 Housing Oporto, PT - 2014
MP Apartment
MP Apartment Lisbon, PT - 2014
House in Loures
House in Loures Loures, PT - 2013
House in Penina
House in Penina Penina, PT - 2013
Controlar Headquarters
Controlar Headquarters Valongo, PT - 2013
House in Laundos
House in Laundos Póvoa de Varzim, PT - 2013
CB House
CB House Vila Nova de Gaia, PT - 2013
House MG
House MG Braga, PT - 2013
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