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Clay Pavilion
Clay Pavilion Puerto Escondido, MX - 2020
Chimney Ceramic Oven
Chimney Ceramic Oven Puerto Escondido, MX - 2020
Olive Oil Museum
Olive Oil Museum Bobadela, PT - 2019
Creativity Factory
Creativity Factory Castelo Branco, PT - 2019
Exhibition Space Iconic Bowie
Exhibition Space Iconic Bowie Vila Nova de Gaia, PT - 2019
LOOP Oporto, PT - 2019
Albergaria-a-Velha Market
Albergaria-a-Velha Market Albergaria-a-Velha, PT - 2018
António Lamoso Theater
António Lamoso Theater Santa Maria da Feira, PT - 2015
HALL03 Kortrijk, BE - 2015
Cultural Center Miguel Torga
Cultural Center Miguel Torga São Martinho de Anta, PT - 2014
Hall01 Maastricht, NL - 2014
Cultural Center
Cultural Center Viana do Castelo, PT - 2013
Exhibition Mies Arch
Exhibition Mies Arch Cascais, PT - 2012
Pharmacy Museum
Pharmacy Museum Oporto, PT - 2012
Rice Museum
Rice Museum Comporta, PT - 2011
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