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Mishref House
Mishref House Kuwait City, KW - 2020
Mar Mediterraneo 34
Mar Mediterraneo 34 Cidade do Mexico, MX - 2020
SHIFT Lagree Studio
SHIFT Lagree Studio Kuwait City, KW - 2020
Areosa Housing
Areosa Housing Viana do Castelo, PT - 2020
Gargoyles House
Gargoyles House Viana do Castelo, PT - 2020
Clay Pavilion
Clay Pavilion Puerto Escondido, MX - 2020
Chalet 66
Chalet 66 Kuwait City, KW - 2020
Monte dos Judeus
Monte dos Judeus Oporto, PT - 2020
Smart Walk
Smart Walk Vila do Conde, PT - 2020
Tru3 Yoga Studio
Tru3 Yoga Studio Kuwait City, KW - 2020
Savoy Residence
Savoy Residence Funchal, PT - 2019
Dogs and Cats Hotel
Dogs and Cats Hotel Vila do Conde, PT - 2019
Argivai House
Argivai House Póvoa de Varzim, PT - 2019
Alto Lido Hotel
Alto Lido Hotel Funchal, PT - 2019
Apartment Furadouro
Apartment Furadouro Furadouro, PT - 2019
QST House
QST House Vila Nova de Famalicão, PT - 2019
MCR2 House
MCR2 House Belmonte, PT - 2019
Sunset House
Sunset House São Paulo, BR - 2019
Praia d'Ouro Houses
Praia d'Ouro Houses Oporto, PT - 2019
House in Maia
House in Maia Maia, PT - 2019
House in Arada
House in Arada Ovar, PT - 2019
Olive Oil Museum
Olive Oil Museum Bobadela, PT - 2019
Red House
Red House Santa Maria da Feira, PT - 2019
WARA Hospital Dental Clinic
WARA Hospital Dental Clinic Kuwait City, KW - 2019
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